There is often considerable confusion in the minds of first time buyers when it comes to cornet vs trumpet. In essence, there is no significant difference between a cornet and a trumpet from the standpoint of a student musician. One is no more "advanced" than the other. While the trumpet appears to be larger than the cornet, they are both the same size. The cornet merely has more bends in the tubing and thus appears shorter. In the hands of a beginning player of smaller stature, the cornet sometimes seems easier to handle because its center of gravity is closer to the body. The tone on both instruments is produced the same way and the fingerings on both are identical. There is no discernible difference in tone quality in the hands of a student musician. Many public school bands have a roughly equal mix of cornets and trumpets.While every effort is made to keep the following list of available instruments current, our inventory changes daily. All instruments listed are used unless designated as new.
Student Cornet & Trumpets
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NEW -  One left at this great price on this sought after top quality student model trumpet!
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Bach TR 300
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BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!  All used instruments listed have been thoroughly reconditioned and professionally play-tested in our shop prior to being offered for sale and are guaranteed to be in excellent playing condition!  All instruments come complete with case and mouthpiece.  Check out our Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction
Besson 600
NEW w/ 1st valve saddle (Lists at $792.50)
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When ordering your cornet or trumpet consider including one of our complete maintenance kits in your purchase.
 In addition to the instruments listed above we have other instruments in stock currently being prepared for sale. If you do not see what you are interested in please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail inquiry.

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Intermediate/Pro     Cornet/Trumpets
Silver finish with very minor scratches; excellent mechanical & cosmetic condition; chem-cleanded and ready to play; excellent case
Holton 602
Holton 602
King Tempo
Lacquer finish; excellent body; typical lacquer wear on lead pip and body; excellent
mechanical condition.