Testing and Fitting the Student
               One of the Keys to Success  

The decision to learn to play a musical instrument is the first step in an exciting adventure that can bring life-long enrichment and rewards to the player. The importance of the second step--deciding which instrument to play--cannot be overly emphasized. The interest and inclination of the student is important to consider. Equally important, however, is matching the physical characteristics of the student to the requirement of a particular instrument. Each musical instrument has unique physical requirements involved in its performance.
The goal of the parent and teacher should be to match as closely as possible the natural physical characteristics of the child with the particular requirements of an instrument being considered. In some instances the student's characteristics will be compatible with several possible instruments. In other cases those characteristics will suggest only one or two logical choices. The choice of the right instrument for the child is a very important factor in determining success.
Some of the physical characteristics that are taken into consideration are: length of arms, size of hands, size of fingers, size and shape of lips, condition and size of teeth, overbite, underbite, any physical anomalies, chronic respiratory problems such as asthma, and likelihood of braces or other orthodontics in the near future.
If the student has not been previously fitted for an instrument by the band director or other knowledgeable individual, we are happy to provide that service at no charge. Taking into account the child's interests or desires, he or she will be examined and tested on several different instruments in order to determine the best possible selections. The right "fit" most often results in a successful musical experience!

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