Student line oboes come in both plastic and wood, with wood being somewhat more expensive. Wooden instruments are generally regarded as having a superior tone quality, although in the first years of playing there is little discernible difference, as the student has not developed sufficient skills to produce a characteristic oboe tone quality. Student line oboes are equipped with the basic fingering system going down to either low B or low Bb. Low Bb models have one additional key and may be distinguished by looking at the bell of the instrument which will have a key mechanism on it. Low B models will have only a hole in the bell. The basic system is appropriate for students in the first few years of playing. More advanced students will want an enhanced key mechanism available on intermediate and professional oboes.  While every effort is made to keep the following list of available instruments current, our inventory changes daily. All instruments listed are used unless esignated as new.
Oboes and Bassoons
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BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!  All used instruments listed have been thoroughly reconditioned and professionally play-tested in our shop prior to being offered for sale and are guaranteed to be in excellent playing condition!  All instruments come complete with case and reed.  Check out our Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction
In addition to the instruments listed above we have other instruments in stock currently being prepared for sale. If you do not see what you are interested in please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail inquiry.
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Selmer Bundy
Nice basic conservatory resin (plastic) oboe; excellent playing & cosmetic condition; new case