The primary decision to be made by the purchaser of a student line clarinet is whether to buy a plastic or wood instrument. Wood instruments are more expensive than plastic and are generally considered to have a superior tone quality. In the first couple of years of playing, however, there is virtually no discernible difference, since the student has not yet developed sufficient skills to produce a characteristic clarinet tone quality.  If the instrument will be used for marching band, plastic is preferred over wood, due to the conditions under which the instrument will be played. High school students often have two clarinets--both wood and plastic--that are used for concert band and marching band respectively.  While every effort is made to keep the following list of available instruments current, our inventory changes daily. All instruments are used unless designated as new.
Student Line Clarinets
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BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!  All used instruments listed have been thoroughly reconditioned and professionally play-tested in our shop prior to being offered for sale and are guaranteed to be in excellent playing condition!  All instruments come complete with case, mouthpiece, and 2 reeds.  Check out our Unconditional Guarantee of Satisfaction
For First Time Buyers
Older instrument in excellent playing condition
Schreiber (wood)
When ordering your clarinet consider including one of our complete maintenance kits in your purchase.
 In addition to the instruments listed above we have other instruments in stock currently being prepared for sale. If you do not see what you are interested in please don't hesitate to drop us an e-mail inquiry.

Intermediate & Pro Clarinets
Clarinet Care Kits
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Selmer 103
Intermediate level wood; new  mouthpiece; excellent cosmetic & mechanical condition; compact "locker friendly" case.
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Excellent in all respects.  Complete with case and new mouthpiece
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Selmer Signet
Intermediate level wood, silver plated keys, in excellent mechanical and cosmetic condition.  Wood shell case with music carrying compartment.  One of Selmer's most popular student clarinets.
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Eb Soprano        Clarinet
Selmer Bundy
Excellent mechanical condition; nice case; includes mouthpiece